Equality 18th Century Style


Irish-born Hannah Witney served 5 years as a marine on board various ships disguised as a man. She revealed her gender in October 1761 after being picked up in Plymouth by a press-gang and put in the town’s prison. Disgusted by the prison conditions she revealed her true identity and was released. She told the shocked prison guard that she would not have revealed her gender if not for being captured by the press-gang and thrown in prison.


Convicted murderer James Reilly was hanged in Kilmainham prison, Dublin, on 2nd of September 1893 – 32 years after he had been born there; he had come into the world inside its walls while his mother was serving a sentence for theft. He drew his last breath in the prison where he had first seen the light of day.


David ‘Dave’ Redmond of The Grange, County Galway passed away on Thursday surrounded by family and friends. He is survived by his wife Annemarie and his son Daniel. A postman for twenty-eight years, he looked forward to his two week holiday in Spain hoping in vain that it would offset his debilitating fifty week onslaught of personal and professional angst, confusion and despair. God be with him.

Mass Saturday at 10.00 am.

Burial afterwards in Galway Cemetery.