Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

“Fuck was the best word. The most dangerous word. You couldn’t whisper it. Fuck was always too loud, too late to stop it, it burst in the air above you and fell slowly right over your head. There was total silence, nothing but Fuck floating down. For a few seconds you were dead, waiting for Henno to look up and see Fuck landing on top of you. They were thrilling seconds-when he didn’t look up. It was a word you couldn’t say anywhere. It wouldn’t come out unless you pushed it. It made you feel caught and grabbed you the minute you said it. When it escaped it was like an electric laugh, a soundless gasp followed by the kind of laughing only forbidden things could make, an inside tickle that became a brilliant pain, bashing at your mouth to be let out. It was agony. We didn’t waste it.”
― Roddy Doyle, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha

Just finished reading Roddy Doyle’s Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. Great book about growing up in Ireland and growing up in general. Some great quotes that stick like glue to your mind long after you are finished reading it. I guess it is true what Mark Twain said about the difference between the right word and the wrong word was the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. Some people just know the right words at the right time. Doyle is one of them.

British Election Results


I always find elections fascinating in many respects, whether they are in the UK or the US, mostly because they tend to have an effect on Ireland in one way or another. With David Cameron now the British Prime Minister by a majority, a referendum on the EU is guaranteed. If they opt out it will have huge consequences for Ireland. We will probably see the return of border controls in the north last seen in 1992, anything you buy off Amazon UK will have a few quid added to it in duty.

But mostly I was thinking of Irish politicians and the Labour Party who are in coalition with Fine Gael here at home much the same way that the Liberal Democrats were in coalition with the Conservatives. I wonder if one of Joan Burton’s advisers was watching the Liberal Democrats being disemboweled last night and this morning gave her a gentle nudge in the ribs with his elbow before pointing at the results and saying ‘Hey Joan, that’s you that is.’