My latest insult to literature, Timbukthree, is available on Amazon, for free, FREE, until Friday anyway. I think I can extend it for two more days after that so Sunday. Decisiveness was never a strength of mine. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited it is free all the time. Anyway if you download Timbukthree all your problems will vanish without a trace, barring that you will at least understand why I am playing Lola by the Kinks, other than that it is a great song by a great band.  Play it once, Sam. For old times’ sake.


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‘You see that pub over there,’ Jimmy said.
‘Yes,’ I replied.
‘William Shakespeare used to drink in that pub before he became a famous playwright. He used to sit and drink and wonder what he should do to make some cold hard cash.’
‘Piss off!’
‘Seriously,’ Jimmy said. ‘It’s a little known fact. One night, Willie starts a fight with some guy. They wreck the pace. Cursed the paint off the walls, bashed heads, the whole nine yards. The barkeeper is like; Shakespeare calm down or get out. And Shakespeare is like; thou churlish tickle-brained incontinent varlet!’
‘And then what happened?’ I asked.
‘The barkeeper told him he was bard.’