David ‘Dave’ Redmond of The Grange, County Galway passed away on Thursday surrounded by family and friends. He is survived by his wife Annemarie and his son Daniel. A postman for twenty-eight years, he looked forward to his two week holiday in Spain hoping in vain that it would offset his debilitating fifty week onslaught of personal and professional angst, confusion and despair. God be with him.

Mass Saturday at 10.00 am.

Burial afterwards in Galway Cemetery.


Ronald ‘Ron’ Reynolds of Green View, County Tipperary passed into the arms of the Lord on Tuesday, survived by his wife Melissa and his sons, Charlie, Peter and Howard. Ron was a secondary school teacher for thirty-two years whose passion for teaching and inspiring students extinguished eighteen months into the job. Worn down by lousy pay and a poor pension he pined for the days when he could have become a lecturer and academic researcher where his research skills could have contributed to the world of academia instead of spending his life telling everybody in the pub that teaching was easy, it was like riding a bicycle, except the bicycle is on fire, you are on fire, everything is on fire and you’re in Hell. Sadly missed by family and friends.

Requiem Mass Friday at 11 am.

Burial afterwards in Tipperary Cemetery.


Ellen Myles of Clonlara, County Galway passed away on Wednesday surrounded by family and friends. Survived by her husband Harry and her daughter Jasmine. Ellen was a call operator whose false courtesy and sincerity delivered in a robotic voice that is the absolute voice of death betrayed the fact that life had not worked out as planned, nevertheless, she reminded every caller that there were operators standing by pretending to give a flying turd about your ceaseless whinging. And constantly reminded all her callers that their call was important by forcing them to listen to a forty minute flute solo. May she rest in peace.

Requiem Mass Friday at 11 am.

Burial afterwards in Clonlara Cemetery