Flash Floods


I don’t know what it is I find so intriguing about watching buildings or cars get destroyed by nature but I do. It just has this hypnotic awe about it, especially water, maybe it is just the speed at which mankind’s creations can be destroyed by nature.

The video above is of a flash flood destroying a hospital in Nebraska.  There were no injuries and nobody died.

Something identical happened to a hospital in Ireland recently and it had to be closed down. Last year the same hospital was hit by a flash flood and it cost €25 million to repair, it didn’t even last twelve months. Oops! Wouldn’t you love to be the contractor who got that job?



‘Do you remember that job we gave you on the flooded hospital a few months ago?’

‘I do.’

‘Yeah, well it’s under water…again.’

‘I’ll come out and have a look. But it’ll cost you €2 million.’

‘For what?’

‘To have a look.’

‘You don’t need a look. It looks like a fucking fish tank.’

‘Well…there are consulting fees and the like.’

‘Fine. See ya tomorrow.’

That’s how we roll in Ireland. They will probably hire the same guys to do the repairs and next time somebody takes a piss and misses the toilet, the hospital  will flood.

Then there will have to be an inquiry into the building contractors, followed by a tribunal that will last eight years and produce a five hundred page report which will have recommendations on how  to  avoid such a fuckup again…but the recommendations will never be implemented because nobody can remember what the whole fuss was about in the first place.



Christopher Hitchens-If You Can Talk, You Can Write


I really enjoyed the bit about ‘If you can talk, then you can write’. I didn’t always agree with the late Christopher Hitchens and his views, especially his views on Muslims post 9/11, maybe I am wrong but I think he got swept up in the war fever that gripped America at the time, anyway, I always enjoyed his views on religion and atheism. He could be devastatingly witty and erudite at the same time.

Mr Mercedes



I just finished reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King. No paranormal or supernatural elements in Mr Mercedes. This is just an old-fashioned suspense thriller. A cat and mouse game between a retired detective thinking of suicide and a psychopath goading the detective over his inability to catch him before he retired.

This is a wonderfully fast paced novel. It gets straight to the point. This is not a Who Done It? murder mystery. Everything is revealed almost from the beginning. King builds the characters and explores the evil that resides in the killer.

I loved the premise from the Youtube clips above, where King goes into detail on the origins of the story and the real-life events which prompted him to write it. The idea of someone committing mass murder. Getting away with it. Not one single clue. Not one piece of evidence.

And then to top it all off, the killer just stops. Never commits another crime. Has no intention of doing it again, so the cops cannot simply wait for him to try to do something similar, hope he fucks up and leaves a clue of some description.

It doesn’t quite work out that way. However, it is still an interesting scenario, I think that King’s point, as he has spent his entire career exploring, is that evil is never a once off. In King’s work, a person does not do something evil and then stop, they will do it again and there are always other factors behind their actions, starting in childhood or early adolescence and leading up to the point where they lose control. King is great at trying to find the humane in the inhumane, while leaving it abundantly clear that in the end, it is a man’s own mind, not the people he hates or who hate him, that lures him down the self-destructive path of evil.