Honest University Commercial

I like this. The bit about learning things that have absolutely nothing to do with the subjects you went to university/college for is so true. You go to study English and History but you also have to study philosophy, psychology, IT, gender studies and a whole lot of other subjects. I guess it keeps some assholes professors in a job. And keeps students on the poverty line.

When They Pulled Her From The Wreck She Still Had On Her Shades

I don’t have a problem with popstars in general, even their publicity seeking antics don’t bother me, but I know people vehemently hate these celebrities and their attention seeking personas, whether it is Justin Bieber leaving a message hoping Anne Frank was a Belieber or whatever he is calling his fans these days, or Miley Cyrus smoking a joint and straddling a wrecking ball.

If anything I think, they do not go far enough, I’m sick of all this soft-porn pop videos, innuendo and drug toting bullshit. I want to see hardcore publicity seeking stunts. I want to see Cyrus quit dope and inject heroin straight into the arteries of her heart live on stage while belting out Wrecking Ball, while simultaneously giving a viagra fuelled, asexual, homeless hobo a handjob, while a tattooist puts a tattoo of Adolf Hitler anally pleasuring Osama Bin Laden on her buttocks.

Now that would sell a lot of copies of her new album, book, perfume, soul or whatever she is selling.

I want to see Justin Bieber shoot a man in the head during one of his songs, not just any man. I don’t want The Bieber to do time in prison, just pick someone on death row, throw some paedophiles up there, maybe put a few lifers up on television and let the people vote on who should get executed by The Bieber in his latest girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love, girl and boy encounter some difficulties, girl and boy get over it and love each other forever, pop song.

Picture it, right in the middle of the video, The Bieber pulls out a gun and bang! Put’s more holes in the guy than a pin cushion. Blood and brains all over the place. Then Madonna appears dressed like a cop and whips him with a chainsaw while unbeknownst to her Taylor Swift creeps up behind her and straps a chlamydia infected hedgehog to her arse.

I see it being pitched as a celebrity version of Hunger Games on Acid. It’ll never happen, unfortunately.