1. Well, I’m an Aussie… ‘Hi :) …I usually do find the Irish funny, but I thought it was mainly due to the Irish accent – there goes that theory!… your blog has been making me laugh BEFORE I knew you were Irish!
    (cleverly written posts too J.D. – I am enjoying your writing)

  2. Hi J.D! Thank’s a million for the follow! Really great to find a fellow Irish writer out here in the inter-web! Looking forward to your future blog posts!

    1. Short and to the point…or lazy and uninformative. I really should put Under Construction on it until I get around to putting up something resembling a bio…but anyway, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Take care.

  3. Wow, you are Irish?

    You have followed almost all of my posts (and mostly, written in Filipino)… I thank you for the appreciation you have extended by pressing the like button :)

    Thank you so much!!! I think I will explore your site too. :)

      1. JD,
        My son is at risk – his mom being type 1 too. He’s been followed by an endocrinologist, and so far, so good. It’s one hell of an illness.
        Le Clown

        1. It’s a tough one alright, but there are worse, hopefully he will avoid it. The strange thing about me is no one on either side of my family had diabetes of any kind and no one has had it since.

          1. JD,
            I apologize for lingering on the topic… But I must. Have you ever been told you could “cure” your diabetes by eating better? Or with just a few positive thoughts? Nothing says: Start secreting insulin again, failing pancreas, like a case of happy thoughts!
            Le Clown

            1. Over the years I have heard a lot of strange things and I guess when I was younger I was a little bit gullible. I tried the whole eating better thing and rigid exercise which is good for my blood sugars anyway and when you were a teenager like me from a small Irish town sports are everything, soccer, GAA football and GAA hurling, you might have to youtube GAA hurling, trust me you need to be fit, it’s kind of like ice hockey without the ice.

              Personally I will stick to science for a cure, so I am pinning my hopes on Stem Cell research someday providing if not a cure some kind of relief from it.

                1. I’ve heard about them and know a few diabetics who have them but I am told that until my Diabetes is officially declared out of control I cannot get one on the health insurance that I am on, which is provided by the Government.

                  1. JD,
                    That sucks. I know someone who uses one and it has changed her life. Ok. I’m moving on.
                    Le Clown

      1. Literally since she got the cat there have been no more ‘fragile moments’ or tears. I heard her say the other morning she has to find the cat every morning for a cuddle otherwise she doesn’t feel good. They are a preventative therapy definitely.

        Ironically the weekend we went to Ireland for a little break away, was the first time there were tears since the cat, couldn’t take him with us but she talked about him non-stop.

  4. JD,
    I wanted to thank you for the follow. I’ve only read a few things, but have enjoyed what I’ve read so far. As incongruous as it may seem, I’m nominating you for The Sunshine Award (hopefully this little light will only serve to illuminate the beauty of your work and not override the moody darkness that appears to permeate your realm). http://wp.me/p23WOs-nN

  5. Hey, I’ve been meaning to check out your site for some time, but it’s been a mostly wicked hot summer on this side of the pond and I have about as much energy as a banana slug. Thanks for following me. Glad to return the compliment. I like your way with words.

  6. hello, fellow-Irish-blogger-person, just came across your site, started reading your Open Letter post . I was cursing myself, for not getting on with my own writing in one of those rare, and short available times, and thinking what a waste of time this was likely to be, (and how short life was, too short to be reading, etc.. etc.. when – very nice surprise, I found myself furiously nodding along in agreement, nodding indeed like one of those toy dogs in the back of a car window. Oh, and laughing quite a bit too, also good. Like the blog. Grave Yard piece also good. Keep up the excellent work. – Arran.

        1. Had a very eccentric English literature teacher who was obsessed with John Ashbery, Stevie Smith and Emily Dickinson. He was a brilliant teacher, had so much passion for his job even after thirty years. It was contagious. A rare breed, they seem to be getting more and more difficult to find these days.

  7. Oh, J.D. Gallager, I am so confused! I love and adore reading your’ blog, because it’s so crazily funny and it makes me spit coffee, and coffee, I feel, is meant to be spit, especially whilst wearing light colored stainable things, but then, I look at the links for your books (quite prolific, aren’t you?) and apparently the books are, if the covers are accurate representations of the insides, all about vampires, and anime, and anime vampires! So, please, Mr. Gallagher, please tell me that there is no sparkling in your’ books, no glitter in the sunlight, because, I have to say, if there is sparkling glitter in the books of someone who is so profanely funny in his blog posts, I will be horribly disheartened as a human being. I feel I will then need to gouge my eyes out with something dull, and, as further punishment and in deference to my disappointment in all things life, I shall be required to download all the Twilight books, as well as, (for good measure, you understand) all 3 or 4 or however many gazillion “Shades of Ridiculous Painful-Pompousness” books there are, all on audio, and sit, in my self-imposed darkness, rocking and moaning (and listening!)till my soul ceases to be!
    So, are your’ books funny or serious?

  8. Mr. Gallagher. I really enjoy your posts, and to show my appreciation I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Just follow this link http://wp.me/p24LWs-6l that will lead to another link which will eventually lead to the site where you may claim it. Now, I don’t exactly know what ‘Versatile’ means, which isn’t a good sign, but if it has anything to do with writing hilarious posts that cause readers to wet their pants with laughter, then you have officially succeeded time and time again with me. Cheers!

  9. Hi JD,
    That has to be the shortest “About me” I’ve read…no complaints from me though. :-)
    Thanks for passing by and subscribing, I really appreciate it.
    I’ll be back round later this week to have a good read.
    Please feel free to pass by (when you have the time) to share your thoughts.
    By for now.

  10. Glad I found you, I like what you have to say. As for your about me, I dig that as well.. we have 3 out of 4 things in common. Here’s a hint, I’m not Irish. Take care! :)

  11. Hey J.D. Gallagher. My grandmother was 100% Irish. Margaret Tennety. It’s always a good time with the Irish contingent of my family – they really spice things up. Thanks for following me. I’m happy to do the same. I’ll be around.

    1. No problem. You had me at or better yet, go fuck yourself, because I wouldn’t fuck you with that skanky McDonald’s window working welfare whore’s vagina!!

      Pure poetry.

  12. I like your blog. Just stumbled upon it while I was checking Black Box Warnings. I will read more of it, soon. And yes, must let you know, I love the sound of your name J.D Gallagher :)


  13. Loving your wit. I am an avid reader, writer wanna be, I sound like I came from Ireland but have never been (yes a Newfoundlander) married to a type 1 diabetic. We shall get along just fine, by the look of it.

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  15. You have a great eye for words; you also have a great future ahead of you in the beautiful world of writing. Don’t ever lose that spark that makes your readers want more. Any questions you have, come find me.

    Keep your pen busy!
    Your Friend & Creative Writer – Alex.

  16. We non-Irish adore Dylan Moran, too! Well, when I say “non-Irish”, that’s not strictly true: my father’s family were peatbog Irish peasants from Kilkenny. But I’m an Aussie, as he was. I’m MAD about your view of today’s obsession with not being part of what’s happening but getting it the ‘phone. Drives me bananas. Keep talking. :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I am a big fan of Dylan Moran, and a lot of Aussies have Irish roots somewhere along the line. We Irish like to travel. Thanks for the follow.

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