School Reunion


‘Whoa,’ I said. ‘Check out Jessica Harvbernitxyz. She’s let herself go. Not that I wouldn’t but still…’

‘Aye,’ Jimmy replied. ‘Once she married Peter Harvbernitxyz she let it all go.’

‘Here comes Charlie Manning,’ I whispered. ‘I hear he is still as big a monkey raping Jesus shagging mouldy arse pipe as he was in school.’

‘Hey Jimmy,’ Charlie shouted. ‘What’s up?’

‘Is that your wife?’ Jimmy asked nodding at the blonde haired woman standing beside Charlie.

‘Yes,’ Charlie said. ‘Isn’t she a stunner?’

‘You should see my girlfriend,’ Jimmy replied.

‘Why is she good looking?’

‘No, she is an ophthalmologist.’

‘What are you doing with yourself these days?’ Charlie asked.

‘Fuck all,’ Jimmy replied.

‘Are you still unemployed?’

‘Not at all. I work for the government. What do you do? Rentboy?’

‘Hell no,’ Charlie replied. ‘I’m the chemistry teacher here at the school. Back in my old stomping ground. Still got it too. Have to fight off the young teens willing to suck my dick for a better grade. Come here I’ll show you my laboratory. Had them build it for me before I signed the contract to work here. Had other offers of course.’

‘Check out the wife,’ Jimmy whispered to me as we left the gym which had been cleared for the school reunion.

I had to agree the wife was hotter that something that was really hot.

In the laboratory Charlie showed us around the lab.  Jimmy played with the taps on the desks while he mixed various chemicals in glass tubes.

‘Well it’s been…awkward,’ Jimmy said after a few minutes of listening to Charlie boast about how great he was. ‘See ya around Charlie.’

‘Let go of me,’ I said as Jimmy grabbed me and pulled me out of the laboratory seconds before there was an explosion and the laboratory blew up.

‘Jesus,’ I said looking at the blazing ball of fire. ‘I think they are dead.’

‘Oxidants happen,’ Jimmy said as he got to his feet and ran out of the school.


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