Review Of Total Recall


Review Of Total Recall

Title: Total Recall

Actors: Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel

Director: Len Wiseman

Review: The makers of Total Recall missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to win plaudits from everyone by calling this Total Shite. Having said that I was genuinely surprised Toyota were not heavily involved in Total Recall as that is all they seem to be capable of doing these days.



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    1. Same here, a fat woman in front of me with a too tight to mention top who leaned across to her boyfriend and said she wanted to dress up as the three breasted hooker knocked me out with a KFC family bucket when I shouted out: WELL YOU ALREADY HAVE THE NIPPLES BITCH…and keep it down I’m trying to watch a film.

      When I woke up the film was over and so was Christmas.

  1. I thought it could have been so much better!! They fell short…and the 3 titted woman – that was a horrible imitation of the original. You know, this one made the original look oscar worthy!! ( not really but ya know what I mean?)

      1. So many said much the same, which is why I wanted to see it….
        I’m sorry to say, I found it a little nonsensical…. I couldn’t suspend reality, which is necessary if we are to fully capture its meaning….!
        Should you see it I’d love to hear your views… ;)

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