And Then She Looked At Me And Said; I Don’t Like Simple Kid



I have this app  called ah….777 amazing facts or things you didn’t know, I’m far too lazy to reach across the desk for my iPod and actually check the name of it, it’s quite cool, just touch the  screen and it spins and gives you an interesting fact, like this popped up over Christmas, did you know that Wilma and Fred Flintstone were the first couple to be seen in bed together on prime time television (we’ve come a long way) and this morning it said:

Did you know….

That if you say the name Candyman three times into a mirror at midnight in a dark room…

Then you’re a stupid, sad, gullible, superstitious sock-sniffer?


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    1. Same here, I’m quiet and polite and than after awhile I’m like; hey let’s go put some washing up liquid in the water fountain and close down the street when the cars skid on it.

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