Month: January 2013

Shakedown 1979, Cool Kids Never Have The Time


One thing about the recession is the amount of Cash For Gold stores that started popping up all over the place like a bad rash. Dodgy as hell too, I doubt if they give you the full value of your gold. They send out envelopes too to put your unwanted gold into and post back to them so they can send you out a cheque. Unwanted gold, now there is an oxymoron. As if they were doing you a favour by taking it off your hands.

Oh yes, hello, is this cash for gold? It is? Great. I stumbled across a whole load of gold in my next door neighbours attic while cleaning out my closet and I was wondering if maybe you could buy it off me? You will? Thank you good sir. I am so grateful. I thought this was going to be like that STD I picked up in Bangkok last year, I thought I would never get rid of it.

I sent Cash For Gold Two Golden Retrievers and five Goldfish and never received a cheque. Cowboys. Of course desperate times calls for desperate measures. And metals have become valuable. Here in Ireland a few churches have been raided for their gold and presumably sold on. I don’t mind the churches so much, I mean wouldn’t Jesus give to the poor as well?

Copper is another highly sought after commodity, a friend of mine had a little copper left over and took it to a scrap-yard. They weighed and took it off his hands. But I was surprised at the chunk of money they gave him for it. Not long after that my cousin was building her house and she had a lot of copper stolen from the building site. One of the builders estimated they probably got around four thousand Euro for it.

Since the world ended in 2008 Ireland has thousands of Ghost Estates. I actually live in one of them. Basically they are estates of houses which were built but never sold. They just stand there fully built but empty. Sometimes like in my case sections are still liveable but if I ever get kicked out I can literally walk down the street and have my choice of houses.

These Ghost Estates have become gold mine for anyone (which is almost everyone not living on Bankers Hill) because they are filled with copper, everything from the hot water tank to the pipes in the attic.

Maybe I won’t bother squatting in one of the empty houses. I’ll just strip them of all the copper and buy a house or two.

Anyone out there know how to dismantle a copper water tank? Just asking……..for a friend like.


If Life’s Not Beautiful Without The Pain, Well I’d Just Rather Never Even See Beauty Again


Recently Detective Garda (police officer) Adrian Donohoe was killed in cold blood. He was an armed police officer who was escorting money before he was ambushed and killed by five armed men. He did not have time to draw his weapon or fire one shot in self defence. The scum got away with four thousand Euros, while overlooking the thirty thousand Euros in the van. That was the price they put on a man’s life. That was the amount of money they believed was more than enough to leave two young kids without a father,  a wife without her husband and a family without their loved one.

It is rare in Ireland that a police officer gets killed. It has been eighteen years since the last cop killing in Ireland. And rightly there is a heavy punishment for killing a member  of the armed services. Forty years in prison minimum. So all five of the criminals involved face forty years in prison if they are captured.

The thing is though you can rape and murder your wife as many men in Ireland have done and get twelve years in prison with a few suspended if you don’t kill anyone inside prison. So you could be out in eight years. Eight years for raping and killing your wife or anyone for that matter.

That is what the value of someone’s life is to the Irish Government.

So in their eyes the murder of a police officer is worth more than any Irish woman’s life. Instead of having a system where murderers get forty years regardless of who they kill, it is only the select few who are protected by the law.


Black Books


I watched Black Books over Christmas, it was written, produced, directed and starred Dylan Moran, there was only three series made, I think about 18 episodes in all and though it is a bit old, it is still funny. I’m a big fan of Dylan Moran, most people I know don’t like him but I always thought he was better than Tommy Tiernan.

Anyway here is Dylan Moran doing some stand up comedy.